Internet Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

While it is difficult to find time for anything outside of normal business operations, the small business owner should dedicate a small portion of their week to marketing their business on line in one way or another. Even 30 minutes per week can make a world of difference to your company’s on line exposure. However, neglecting an Internet presence can be devastating to long term growth and obtaining new business through website traffic.

  1. If your company doesn’t already have a website, get one immediately. Some owners are intimidated about maintaining a website and should look into a managed hosting service or content management system such as WordPress or Joomla.
  2. Spread your industry knowledge on line through article websites, a company blog, and industry journals. Doing so will increase your brand exposure, company reputation and authority.
  3. Create accounts on forums that are specific to your industry. Not only will you contribute knowledge to your peers, you will inevitable learn something new, find a new resource, or create a lasting business relationship. Forums are an excellent form of networking. Be sure to leave your website link in your posts signature.
  4. Create a company social media page on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Do anything you can to get your name out there. The more exposure, the better and networking sites such as these will contribute to your local internet marketing. Leave a website link on these sites as well.
  5. Never stop promoting your business. Becoming content with status-quo can be the small business owner’s biggest down fall. There is competition everywhere and if you’re not always selling yourself, someone else would be thrilled to take that place.

By completing the simple Internet marketing tips above, your small business will benefit greatly from your dedication for years to come. As time passes, potential customers will have become more familiar with your brand and will be likely to choose your small business over the competition.