6 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Nowadays, the currency for measuring your brand’s value stands in the number of likes, tweets or views you receive. But being seen, heard and found amongst the relentless competition online can be exceedingly daunting and challenging.

Listed below we offer 6 useful internet marketing tips to help you promote your small business and gain a bigger following…

1. Establish your Main Goals

A business without goals cannot move forward. Of course, your ultimate goal should be to bring in more business, but do you have any specific goals that you want to meet? How can you meet those goals? Setting goals, even if just a single goal, is a great motivational tool for giving you something to work towards.

2. Evaluating Content

What sort of message does your website’s content project? Can visitors to your website learn from your content? Is it useful, interesting and well-written? Content is definitely king, so having high quality, valuable and business-specific content throughout the pages of your website is a very important internet marketing tool that helps you to reach out to an even broader audience.

3. Start Blogging

Blogging is highly advantageous to every business, no matter what size. Small businesses can benefit from blogging since it enables you to engage with your readers on a personal level, giving your brand a more ‘human’ element. Through informative, high-quality content you will become an industry leader.

From an SEO perspective, blogging enables you to insert important keywords into your articles and gain a better reputation from Google (search engines are constantly crawling websites for new content and rank you accordingly).

4. Your Title Tag

Most websites have a title tag usually located at the top of the browser window. Your title tag is essentially your company’s tagline so if you don’t have one then now is the time to invest in one. This is your opportunity to describe your business using your primary local search keyword.

5. What’s the Competition up to?

Visiting your competitors’ websites enables you to establish what your competitors are doing and saying. Though it’s not advised to copy your competitors, it is a good idea to find out what they’re up to and see what keywords and phrases they are using.

6. Read, Read, Read

Finally, never stop educating yourself about the world of internet marketing. Although it may seem like the rules are constantly changing, by continually educating yourself you will always be able to keep up with those latest changes and stay ahead of the competition.