Content Marketing Tip for Small Biz Owners: Create Fresh Content Every Day in Less Than 30 Minutes

As the owner of an SEO content writing service, probably the number one reason clients say they use our services is that they don’t have time to create content regularly. This is why you see many small business blogs updated so erratically.

A Common Content Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners

The trajectory usually goes something like this… content will be uploaded regularly for a week or two (maybe three), then nothing for a month or so, then a sporadic post or two over a few months, then — complete silence.

Does this sound like you?

Create Content in Less Than Half an Hour – Every Day!

If so, here’s an easy way to come up with fresh content for your blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, etc. And, you can do it all in less than 30 minutes a day – really!

Comment on a Posts from Your Social Media Accounts

If you use Twitter, for example, find relevant posts to comment on and post that on your blog, website and/or social media outlets.

The quickest way to do this is to search for content via hashtag. For example, as a company that provides (SEO) content writing services, I frequently search for #ContentMarketing. Then, I’ll see what pops up. I may skim through a few articles, then pick something that I think can help my clients to comment on.

Note: Be sure to choose content that benefits your customers/prospects. Remember, content marketing is about sharing; not selling.

Here’s a recent example. I ran across the following article in my Twitter stream on Business2Community, 6 Tips For Repurposing Content To Make It Work Harder. I posted the link and title on my Facebook page, along with the following comment:

One of the biggest mistakes I see clients making is NOT making the most of their content. Here are some great tips for stretching one piece out — and getting maximum mileage out of it.

#3 is the easiest and quickest tip of all, especially for your social media interactions.

Hope your Wednesday is going well. As usual, we’re snowed under over here, but loving every second.:-)

This took me all of 15 minutes – the longest part was actually reading the article, which was very informative.

If you don’t have time to create content on a regular basis – but want to stay top of mind with your target audience – this is an excellent “content marketing shortcut.” It keeps you in the know, your audience in the know, gives you a chance to share some of your knowledge – and most importantly it keeps you top of mind with your customers and prospective customers.

The Importance of Content from You

While this content marketing tip is great and can be used regularly, at least once per week (more depending on your niche), you should write — or hire a content writing service to provide — some original, in-depth content to share. Because if you’re not, you can bet your competition is.